Deer Jerky Recipes

These deer jerky recipes are here for all my fellow hunters out there and are a great way to accomplish two very important things . First they add lots of flavor to the meat and secondly they help mask that gamey taste that we all try to run from!

Pepper, honey, brown sugar, garlic, soy, worcestershire, and lemon are just a few of the flavors that are used in these recipes. They all come together to create a plethora of mouth watering deer jerky recipes that can't be forgotten.

Teriyaki Deer Jerky Recipe
BBQ Deer Jerky Recipe
Sweet and Spicy Deer Jerky Recipe
Lemon Pepper Deer Jerky Recipe
Best Deer Jerky Recipe
Peppered Deer Jerky Recipe
Stroganoff Deer Jerky Marinade
Spicy Deer Jerky Recipe

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