Beef Jerky Tools and Supplies

Making great jerky starts with a good cut of meat and the right beef jerky tools. It doesn't have to be difficult and a few jerky making supplies will make it just that much easier and fun. You need equipment that is dependable, efficient, affordable, and easy to clean.

Meat Processing Tools

meat processing toolsYou can hand cut your own meat but maybe you want it thinner, more tender, or a more consistent cut? A meat slicer will solve that issue!

If you like jerky sticks or have interest in making them for the first time, you'll definitely want a jerky gun with exchangeable tips. These are a couple beef jerky tools that you'll seriously want to consider getting.

Choose the right meat processing tools on day one and save yourself the hassle and wasted effort of processing by hand.


beef jerky dehydratorsThese machines are by far the tool of choice for making your jerky and here's why.. simple to use and easy to clean! Cleaning is the least fun part and purchasing the right dehydrator makes all the difference.

Some of these dehydrators are very basic while others have upgraded features like high wattage
fans and timers. Which one you choose will depend on your budget and how much time you have available. Learn all about choosing a beef jerky dehydrator that will best fit your needs.

Jerky Storage Equipment

jerky storage equipmentYour desired shelf life will determine how you store your beef jerky. It can be simple as a ziploc bag but if you want to make a lot at one time, you'll want a vacuum sealer for long term storage. If you want to hand out your jerky as gifts then you cant go wrong with sealed mason jars.

Visit my article on how to store beef jerky for detailed instructions on using this equipment to achieve maximum results.

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