Turkey Jerky Recipe

A teriyaki turkey jerky recipe with a twist of roasted sesame seed and fresh ginger root. This recipe was made with the idea of offering a rich and warm roasted flavor with a hint of spice.

The teriyaki combines well with the brown sugar and roasted (almost nutty flavor) of sesame seeds. The fresh minced ginger root gives it a unique spiciness that other recipes just don't offer. Simply put, this turkey jerky recipe is one of a kind and is delicious.

turkey jerky recipe



  1. Cut the turkey breasts against the grain into 1/8" slabs . You may be able to find pre cut turkey at your local store but if not a meat slicer or a sharp knife and skilled hand will work well. 
  2. Mix all ingredients into a sauce pan and heat it up on your stove just until it simmers and then turn off the heat. Stir the marinade until the brown sugar has completely dissolved. Let it cool to room temperature.
  3. Put your turkey meat into a gallon size bag and add the marinade to it. Marinate the meat for 12 - 16 hrs. Note: Be sure not to marinade it too long or it will be to salty. Turkey seems to absorb salt faster than red meats.
  4. Remove the meat and dehydrate it with your jerky dehydrator for 5-7 hrs or until done. Enjoy your new turkey jerky recipe!

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